In Florida Divorce Negotiations, What Should My Overall Strategy Be?

Negotiations in a divorce are tough. You are looking at all of your assets and trying to figure out which half you are not going to have anymore. You also may be trying to figure out how much monthly money you will be paying to, or receiving from, your spouse in the way of alimony or child support. Those are life changing decisions that need to be made.

The beginning strategy that you should have is, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” For example, I represented a local celebrity in a divorce where his wife was fixated on the Tupperware and a number of kitchen items that he wanted as well because he did most of the cooking. He wisely let go of all of that and saved his argument for the alimony discussion.

In another matter, we were able to get a great deal for a client as to alimony by agreeing to pay more than was fair in the other spouse’s attorney’s fees. Keep in mind that attorney’s fees are paid up front, but amount to far less than the total of the alimony payments.

It is amazing how many times we see our clients do well by looking at the long- term big picture rather than focusing on the little things.

Bottom line: In Florida family law negotiations, it helps to not sweat the small stuff.