How Much of Your Medical Expenses Will Be Covered After an Accident?

Personal injury clients are usually most concerned with how they are going to get better. Many clients need extensive medical treatment after a car accident, and often times, these victims do not have the available funds, or health insurance, to cover their mounting medical bills. The Florida Supreme Court recently heard a case between GEICO and an imaging facility (X-rays, MRIs, etc.) regarding how much the insurance company would be responsible for after an accident victim's treatment. In Nunez v. GEICO, the court held that GEICO, the patient's PIP carrier would have to pay the full amount of the outstanding bill from the imaging facility, and not the amount that GEICO chose to pay (over $1,600 less). GEICO claimed that it only needed to pay an amount according to formulas established with Medicare. The Court ruled that because GEICO had not disclosed its intent to use the Medicare based formula, they could not pay less than that when the bill came due. If your insurance company is refusing to cover your expenses after an accident, call Robert Sparks Attorneys to discuss your case.