Red Light Camera Report

We have blogged before about the red light cameras being installed throughout the Tampa Bay area. Questions are circulating about these cameras and if they really make our streets safer or are simply being used to increase revenue for local government without consideration for the constitutional due process rights of citizens.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, a report was just issued for the City Council of St. Petersburg regarding the red light cameras and their results. The city is analyzing the report in an efford to try and decide if they will install more red light cameras. According to the report, in their first year of use, cameras were installed at ten intersections in St. Petersburg and have caught 36,185 drivers running red lights.

The report says this has resulted in about $707,226 in revenues for the city, which is about 17 percent less than they expected. Conspicuously missing from the report was information regarding the number of car accidents at these intersections, which has increased ten percent since the cameras were installed. Some members of the City Council are concerned that not all of the data was included in the report so that the Council can make an informed decision whether to expand the red light camera program or vote to end the program all together. While some argue that overall crash numbers will eventually decrease over the next few years because of the cameras, it is yet to be explained why the increase in the number of accidents recorded this year was missing from the report.

While the debate over red light cameras wages on, if you’ve been injured in an accident because someone ran a red light or was negligent in any other manner, call the Robert Sparks Attorneys today to discuss your personal injury case and any potential compensation to which you may be entitled.