Sinkhole Swallows Lake

Many of you may have seen the sensational video last week of the Assumption Parish sinkhole in Louisiana swallowing a clump of what appears to be 30-40 foot tall trees. It was a scary video. The "sinkhole" in Louisiana is different from Florida sinkholes, in that it was man made. The Bayou Corne sinkhole was created when an underground salt dome cavern, operated by Texas Brine Co., collapsed in August 2012.

Sinkholes in Florida are generally not due to underground drilling, but rather, Florida's porous limestone, or karst geology. While the reasons behind the sinkhole may differ, the activity that can be seen by those above ground may not. Last week in Ocala, a pond that had been in a residential neighborhood for years suddenly drained. Residents said that they watched the five acre pond empty and leave behind mud and fish. Apparently, the same pond was drained, due to another sinkhole in 1996.

Florida's sinkhole insurance laws are generally found in homeowner's insurance policies. I doubt that the subdivision had any type of insurance against sinkholes in the pond. It will be interesting to see what comes of the former pond if there is no insurance available to fix this problem.