Lakeland Ledger Editorial on Sinkholes

"Lawmakers Act Against Residents" is the subheading of a recent editorial in the Lakeland Ledger about Florida's problem with sinkholes. The editorial was published last Friday. It is an articulate plea for better help from the state's lawmakers on this growing trend in Florida. The editorial cites the following as reasons behind the rise in sinkholes in our state: unregulated development on sinkhole prone land, a continuing draw down of the aquifer, lax building codes and increasing instability in Florida's limestone.

The editorial blames a lack of effort in figuring out why we have had a tripling in sinkhole claims from 2006 to 2010. The editorial also points out that the legislature has made it harder to both get sinkhole coverage, and make a claim if you do have sinkhole damage.

One quote that rings true to me, as an attorney who represents homeowners with sinkhole damage is the following: "Unfortunately, state lawmakers...define a sinkhole with such specificity that it miraculously turned into a loophole large enough for any home insurer with a sentient legal team to fit through with ease." In my experience, that has certainly been the case. Home insurance companies have made it harder and harder to fix homes damaged by sinkholes.