How to Testify

Many divorce cases are settled prior to the parties ever entering a courtroom. However, in some cases, a party will be called to testify, either in a deposition, or in front of the judge. Most parties going through a divorce have never had to sit and be questioned under oath.

If you have never testified before here are some simple guidelines to remember when you are being cross-examined:

1) Be brief: Answer each question without giving too much information. Most people cannot process too much information at one time. If a Judge can’t remember too much they cannot be persuaded.

2) Use plain words.

3) Do not quarrel with the attorney. Judges are not impressed with argumentative answers.

4) Listen to the question. Most witnesses forget this one and will answer with far too much information. Remember your lawyer will ask you friendly questions if needed to clear up your testimony.

5) Always tell the truth.

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