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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we recognize that most motorcycle accidents are not caused by the rider of the motorcycle, but by inattentive and negligent drivers of vehicles. Sometimes, drivers do not see motorcycles due to glare on the road, blind spots in rear and side mirrors, inattentiveness to the road, or because they are driving under the influence. Speeding, ignoring traffic control devices, poor weather conditions, and not utilizing turn signals are also some of the more common reasons for accidents involving cars hitting motorcycles. Due to the lack of protection afforded to a motorcyclist, injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can be severe. Given the fact that most motorcycle insurance policies limit medical coverage and the public’s misconception about how motorcycle accidents happen, it is important to contact an experienced Florida motorcycle and personal injury attorney regarding your rights or the rights of a family member who may have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

One way to help reduce the severity of brain and head injuries caused by some of the more catastrophic accidents is by wearing a helmet. Helmet use has increased almost 20% since 2005. This is a great thing as helmets can reduce the likelihood of a fatality by up 37% according to the Nation Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. Wearing protective glasses, goggles, or transparent face shields can also help to reduce injury in a motorcycle accident. If you’ve been injured in an accident, call Robert Sparks Attorneys today to speak with an attorney who can explain your rights and options in dealing with your injuries, medical bills, and your pain and suffering.