The Florida legislature is changing the alimony statute. One of the things they are doing is redefining what will be the basis for alimony.

For years, the standard of living during the marriage has been the basis upon which the court would construct an alimony award. But now, the legislature is in the process of changing the basis upon which alimony will be built. If the expected change to the alimony statute becomes effective (which is expected), the basis of alimony will now start with the needs of the receiving spouse during life after dissolution of marriage with the understanding that both parties will have a lower standard of living after the dissolution of marriage.

What does that mean? Who knows? In the past, everyone looked to the money spent on expenses during the marriage to figure out what the receiving spouse would need after the divorce. Now the judge is going to have to speculate on what the receiving spouse is going to need in the future. This is only going one way. It will reduce the amount of alimony awarded to the receiving spouse.

As of this writing, the Florida Senate has passed the bill, the House is expected to follow suit and the Governor is expected to sign it into law. Get ready for lower amounts of alimony.