A New Way to Combat Sinkholes?

A recent article in Science News detailed a potential new way to combat sinkholes. The beginning of the article detailed a lot of examples of sinkholes across the globe; Florida, Kentucky, Guatemala City, etc., before describing exactly what karst and sinkholes are. The article stated that engineers in Italy and Spain have developed new methods to determine which areas are most likely to suffer sinkhole collapse. The Italian project used a combination of ground-penetrating radar and electrical studies of the soil to spot buried anomalies that could ultimately prove to be sinkholes. The Spanish research used mapping software to combine layers of geographic information to help point out areas most likely to suffer a sinkhole. In New Mexico, researchers used radar signals from space satellites bounced off the ground to measure whether a sinkhole is about to form.

Hopefully research regarding sinkholes will reach the point where homeowners and insurance companies alike can determine where exactly they are at risk, and then fix the problem before any further damage happens.