Why Hire an Attorney?

Often times I receive a phone call from a potential client in order to discuss their personal injury case. During that consultation we always address the cost and benefit of retaining a personal injury lawyer as opposed to the client handling their own case. This analysis seems more prevalent in the initial stages of the prospective client’s case where they are typically trying to deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier.

In more than one occasion during the consultation we learn that the client has not done an exhaustive search of all insurance coverage, has not identified whether additional insurance policies are in place which could pay for their claim, and has been subjected to an insurance company trying to settle the case well below the appropriate amount for the injuries sustained. Additionally, we see that the at-fault driver’s insurance company has already prepared a release for the waiver of the client’s case and have made case evaluations and assumptions without reviewing the client’s medical records.

In almost every case, the cost benefit analysis lends itself to the hiring of an attorney.

Once the attorney is hired, they have the obligation to investigate the case, which includes identifying all available insurance coverages and protecting their client’s interest to the best of their ability. By hiring a Tampa personal injury lawyer the client receives the benefit of knowing that someone with experience is handling their case and putting it in the best position to capture the best result possible. While not every case needs to go to a trial, every case does need to be investigated to the fullest extent to ensure the victim is making the best and most informed decision on reaching an amicable resolution.