No Fault Divorce - Part Three

I posted last week about Florida being a no fault divorce state. Read the portion of the following case from California in 1897 to see how things have changed over the years.

A finding that defendant was chargeable with extreme cruelty to his wife (plaintiff) is sustained by evidence that without sufficient provocation, and without reasonable grounds, he called her a whore, a hog and a hypocrite; charged her with infidelity; and accused her, when she was ill, of having contracted her disease by illicit intercourse, though such illness was not a character indicating such origin. Smith v. Smith, 48 P730, 119 Cal. 183.

Florida family law does not require extreme cruelty as grounds for granting a divorce. As stated before, Florida is a no fault divorce state, and neither party has to allege any faults of the other party to get a divorce.