No Fault Divorce - Part Four

I have recently blogged about how Florida is a no fault divorce state. Read part of this ruling from a Texas court in 1899 to see how things were different back then.

Evidence in a suit for divorce that the wife interfered with the exercise of the husband’s authority over their child, and, in an ensuing quarrel, struck the husband with a stick, and that in a struggle over a gun he struck her upon the head with it knocking her down and injuring her head, is not sufficient to justify granting the wife a divorce upon the ground of treatment by the husband rendering living with him insupportable. Cunningham v. Cunningham, 53 S.W.75,22 Tex. Civ. App.6.

Times have changed across the country, and Florida family law no longer requires a showing of fault on one party's behalf to grant a divorce.