Insurance Bill of Rights

When someone is injured in a car accident or other type of accident and must deal with an insurance company to recover for their damages, that person can feel like the deck is stacked against them. Insurance companies are huge, have vast resources, and have a lot of money to spend to defend against your claim. To even the playing field, Florida’s legislature passed into law somewhat of an insurance bill of rights to help protect people dealing with insurance companies.

Florida Statute 624.155 provides for a civil remedy against an insurance company if they fail to meet certain standards in their claim handling process. The statute works to hold an insurance company liable for not attempting to settle claims in good faith by acting fairly and honestly, for making payments without identifying under which coverage payments are being made, and for failing to settle claims in good faith in order to influence settlements under other areas of the policy.

Other unfair insurance trade practices are also addressed in the statute, including altering insurance applications, creating unreasonable delays, and making material misrepresentations for the purpose of settling a claim on less favorable terms or amounts than what the insurance policy dictates.

While insurance companies will not always follow these rules and act fairly, civil remedies do exist to keep the insurance company’s vast powers in check. If an insurance company consistently violates these safeguards, that company may also be liable in a bad faith case for these types of actions. Talk to an experienced Tampa personal injury attorney today if your claim is being unjustly denied or adjusted.