The Importance of Trying Cases

The state of personal injury and first party insurance claim litigation is complex. As a result of that complexity clients should select law firms with experience and knowledge of the issues at hand. But there is an additional element that should not be overlooked and that is trial experience.

Looking at the practice of personal injury and insurance claims litigation as a whole you will find that Florida has suffered tort reform and ultimately a bully mentality by insurance companies. This is a result of the insurance companies’ corporate mentality and their ability to use their unlimited resources against plaintiffs and even their own policy holders.

The one equalizer in Florida jurisprudence is the trial. The trial is where the underdog can stand up to the bully and try the merits of the case. Often times however the bully knows well in advance of the likelihood that the case will ever see the inside of the courtroom.

This likelihood is based on the law firm’s reputation and experience as actual trial lawyers. Insurance companies know which firms will actually take a case to trial and know how much fight is in the plaintiff, especially in times where the plaintiff may have less than a strong case.

Robert Sparks Attorneys is proud to announce that they have just added even more trial experience to the firm in the hiring of Christopher Codling, Esq. Chris Codling will not only bring his years of experience of working for a powerhouse insurance defense firm but will bring his more than 85 jury trials and the experience he gained from each to the firm.