Rick Scott Asks For Probe of Citizens

We recently blogged about Florida Governor Rick Scott waiting to investigate Citizens Property Insurance Corporation’ termination of employees at their Office of Corporate Integrity. On November 26, Rick Scott finally asked Florida Inspector General Melinda Miguel to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the firings. The decision to open the investigation has been applauded by ethics advocacy groups and public watchdog groups.

Citizens terminated certain employees of their Office of Corporate Integrity right in the middle of an investigation into Citizens’ lavish hotel and travel expenses. At the same time, it was uncovered that Citizens also gave more than $80,000 severance pay to an employee who resigned in light of an affair with another employee. There have also been reports surfacing of Citizens employees promoting side businesses on company time and property as well as engaging in inappropriate behavior at a local Tampa bar.

Citizens is already under scrutiny for raising premiums, dropping coverage for large number of Floridians, and the new approaches they are taking to settling sinkhole and other homeowner’s claims This investigation is important as it will be interesting to see if there is any relation to Citizens’ ever increasing costs charged to their customers and their out of control spending and attempted cover ups of multiple scandals within the office.