Florida Insurance Advocate Investigation

Robin Westcott, Florida’s insurance consumer advocate, called for an investigation into Universal Property & Casualty Company’s claims practices. According to a Palm Beach Post article, Universal took premiums from customers for years, and then when claims were presented to the company, Universal performed background checks on their customers in an attempt to deny their claims. In these cases, Universal denied these claims by stating that their customers had material misrepresentations on their insurance applications. Universal then returned their insured’s premiums and cancelled their policies, effectively denying any claim that the homeowner had.

Westcott stated, “I believe that the practice described to void coverage and/or deny claims for misstatements relative to credit history is an abusive practice that should be considered an unfair trade practice”.

If you have had a storm, fire, water, sinkhole or other claim denied by your insurance company, contact Robert Sparks Attorneys for an assessment of your case.