Another Large Sinkhole Opens in Central Florida

Another large Central Florida sinkhole has opened up in the last few days. According to, in Orlando a sinkhole measuring 50 feet wide and 10 feet deep opened up in the Windermere neighborhood. This sinkhole does not appear to be affecting any of the homes nearby, but the large area has been roped off, and it appears that a septic tank is being damaged by the large hole. Most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover sinkholes in the yard. Also, recent changes to Florida's statutes regarding sinkholes has allowed insurance companies to avoid paying for damage to other structures around homes, such as sheds and pools. It remains to be seen if this sinkhole, which appears to be confined to the yard of this Windermere home, will be repaired at the homeowner's insurance company's expense.

If you have a sinkhole at your home or business, contact the attorneys at Robert Sparks Attorneys to discuss what strategy will be best for you.