Another Insurance Company Excuse to Not Pay

A story in today’s Tampa Tribune highlights the problems with the 2011 insurance reform legislation that reduced the obligations that insurance companies were previously held to in sinkhole coverage. The Vitales, residents of Land O’Lakes noticed a hairline crack near his garage. When the insurance company was conducting its sinkhole investigation, the pool on the property began to collapse.

You would think that this damage would be covered by homeowner’s insurance In this case, Tower Hill has denied the claim. Tower Hill relies on the new laws which state that insurance companies only have to pay for damage that causes structural damage to the home.

I have not seen the Vitale’s insurance policy, but most insurance policies provide different coverage for the main home, other structures, loss of use, etc. Many homeowners paid for coverage that they assumed covered most risks to the home. In this case, Tower Hill does not dispute that there is a sinkhole on the property. However, they don’t believe that they have to pay for the nearly $100,000 of repair that is needed to fix the problem.

If you have a sinkhole, or suspect that you might, contact the attorneys at Robert Sparks Attorneys to discuss your case.