Med Pay Coverage

“Med pay” is short for medical payment insurance coverage. This type of coverage is usually available and applicable to auto insurance as well as homeowner’s insurance. In most cases, med pay acts to cover medical payments that your auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy may not otherwise cover.

In the world of automobile insurance, med pay will usually supplement your PIP coverage, which pays 80% of your medical bills and 60% of your lost wages up to $10,000 (please keep in mind recent changes in Florida law have effectively reduced this amount to $2,500 in most accidents). Med pay will help to cover that outstanding 20% for medical bills. Med pay may also be used to pay your medical bills so that there is more PIP coverage available to cover lost wages. Med pay will also act to help those who may not have health insurance as it provides extra assistance in covering medical bills incurred from a car accident.

For premises liability or slip and fall cases, med pay is usually found on the homeowner’s or store’s insurance policy. In these cases, it can be used to help pay for medical bills of a person who was injured on the property without triggering the liability portion of the policy. This is sometimes useful to an injured party who needs assistance right away with their medical bills after an accident because the insurance of the owner may release their med pay coverage before they decide whether they are going accept responsibility for the accident and settle the case or not. It can take many months to reach a settlement with the insurance company, but their med pay coverage could be available very soon after the accident to help offset some immediate medical bills of the injured person.

Whether you have suffered a personal injury in a car accident or injured on someone’s property, an experienced Tampa personal injury attorney should be able to help determine if “med pay” coverage is available to you for your injuries and how it will affect your case.