Massive Sinkhole Opens Behind Orlando Home

A recent Good Morning America segment showed a sinkhole that opened behind a home just outside of Orlando. As recently as yesterday, the home was much smaller, and only the local Orlando news affiliates had reported on the story. Overnight, the hole opened and is now 100 feet by 50 feet large. Most Florida sinkholes do not end up this large, and have catastrophic ground collapse. Most Florida sinkholes exhibit signs of damage prior to such a collapse, and can be remediated if caught early enough. This family may have been lucky, as it appears that the sinkhole is in the back yard only right now. If engineers can remediate the hole, perhaps the home can be salvaged. If you notice cracks (especially stairstep cracks) on the exterior of your home, cracked tiles, windows and doors that do not open or close properly, you may have a sinkhole. Contact a sinkhole expert to help you through this troubling experience.