Letter of Protection

If you’ve been injured in an accident and you do not have health insurance, or any other kind of medical insurance, it can be hard to find and afford medical treatment for your injuries. Sometimes even a person injured in a car accident may not have access to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or their PIP coverage can be exhausted before they are completely finished with their doctor’s recommended recovery plan. This kind of obstacle will not always prevent you from receiving the kind of care you need for your injuries.

Many times, an injured person can still receive treatment if the medical provider is willing to work under a Letter of Protection. A Letter of Protection (often shortened to LOP) is an agreement that the medical provider will treat, or continue to treat, the injured person with the understanding that their bill will be paid out of any award or settlement amount that the injured person receives at the end of the case. If there is no recovery, for whatever reason, the injured person will remain liable for the doctor’s bill, but at least that person has received the medical care they needed. It is sometimes possible to get on a payment plan with the medical provider or possibly have portions of their bill forgiven by the provider.

Letters of Protection are fairly common in personal injury cases and a good personal injury attorney will be familiar with the process. If you’ve been injured and are not sure if you can afford medical treatment, or what your insurance may cover, talk to an experienced Florida personal injury attorney about your options and possibly using a Letter of Protection in your case and how exactly it will affect your case.