Bodily Injury Coverage

Often times the victim of a car accident is left to wonder if their injuries and damages are going to be compensated by the at fault driver. In most instances insurance coverage for the at fault party may be available. This type of insurance is known as bodily injury liability insurance or BI insurance.

BI insurance is available for all drivers in the State of Florida and is designed to protect drivers financially if they cause someone’s injury or death. The amount of the coverage (amount of insurance) varies from policy to policy. Unfortunately, because of the lax laws in the State of Florida, a minimum amount of bodily injury insurance is not required.

In the event of an accident it is important for a victim to contact a Tampa car accident attorney so that all available insurance coverage’s can be identified and investigated. An experienced car accident attorney will have the resources to investigate and manage the insurance claim to verify all insurance coverage’s available and then seek all available relief for their client.