The Future of Personal Injury Referral Services

The Florida Bar News recently published an article that addressed the future of Attorney Referral Services in personal injury cases. The matter of whether lawyers should be allowed to participate in attorney referral services was referred to the Special Committee on Lawyer Referral Services.

According to the Special Committee on Lawyer Referral Services lawyers should not be able to join referral services that also refer calls for medical help or other non-legal professional services. (as quoted in the Florida Bar News). The Florida Bar News reported that the committee voted unanimously to make the recommendation at its May 4th meeting and acted on the prohibition from joining a service that also does other professional referral.

Once the final report is approved, the prohibition will likely be passed and the Florida Bar will restrict Tampa personal injury attorneys’ ability to participate with certain referral services. The passage of this restriction will be made in conjunction with the Bar’s new guidelines for lawyers future involvement with referral services for injury cases.