Tropical Storm Debby, Sinkholes and Injuries

I've blogged quite a bit recently about the effects that Tropical Storm Debby had on the state of Florida. Most of those posts have focused on the outbreak of sinkholes in areas north of Tampa, and the effect of the storm on property owners. Two recent stories illustrate the potential damage to living things, and not just property. A story describes a child in Chiefland fell into a sinkhole and suffered injuries. The girl slipped and fell head first into a sinkhole in her yard, suffering spinal and abdominal injuries. She was transported to Shands in Gainesville. An Orlando Sentinel article details a different living thing that fell into a sinkhole. A horse fell in a sinkhole, and after 15 minutes, made his own way out of the sinkhole. It is unclear from the story whether the horse was hurt or not.