New PIP Law Effective Date

When the new Florida PIP (Personal Injury Protection) law was signed into law, we blogged about the changes it made to PIP and about how the statute will effect car accident injury cases in the future. One interesting thing about the new law is that certain parts of it go into effect before other parts. Some of the new legislation began on July 1, 2012, while the remainder of the law will begin on January 1, 2013.

The most notable revisions to Florida’s PIP law are set to begin to begin January 1, 2013. This includes the requirement for an injured person to seek treatment within 14 days of an accident for any access to their PIP coverage and the provision that limits PIP coverage to $2,500 for an injured person in a situation deemed a non-emergency medical condition.

Similar to what occurred when the most recent Florida sinkhole statutes were revised; many insurance companies may try to assert requirements under a new law when it has not legally gone into effect yet. As the calendar has us brought past July 1, 2012, we will see if any insurance carriers attempt to assert any new PIP laws ahead of their start date on January 1, 2013. If they do, there may be a claim against the PIP insurance carrier for not tendering timely benefits, and ultimately acting in bad faith.