Is Weather A Factor In Your Case?

Tropical Storm Debby was felt in the Tampa Bay area last week and caused major damage in certain neighborhoods. It makes us consider how we need to drive carefully when dealing with any situation that makes the road less safe. In responding to the many questions we have been receiving this week regarding the storm, it also makes us remember how important weather and other on scene conditions are to an accident case.

When the weather is poor, drivers owe an extra responsibility to others on the road to be aware of the dangerous road conditions and proceed accordingly. It is always important to consider factors like wet roads, fog, downed branches, construction zones, school zones, traffic, and the amount of light when analyzing a car accident scene. These factors can make a difference in your personal injury case and proving liability against the other driver. In Florida, our weather changes quickly and plays a role in many accident cases. The conditions of the roadway can be a valuable and descriptive detail in your case. Remember to discuss with your personal injury attorney if you think the weather, or any other factor, may have contributed to your car accident.