Minimization of Filing of Sensitive Information in Court Filings

The amount of personal information of a party that was traditionally placed in court pleadings in family law cases has recently been prohibited by Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.425. This change is in anticipation of the word we live in moving closer to being a paperless system. Specifically, the Clerk of Courts across Florida will eventually be able to post court documents directly online, which causes concern for people's personal information in the age of identify theft. Specifically, the following information is now prohibited (with some exceptions):

• Minor Children’s full names – only initials should be used

• Dates of birth – only the year should be used

• Social Security numbers

• Bank account numbers

• Credit/debit card numbers

• Charge account numbers

• Driver’s license numbers

• Passport numbers

• Taxpayer ID numbers

• Employee ID numbers

• Phone numbers

• Insurance policy numbers

• Loan numbers

• Patient numbers

• Healthcare numbers

• Customer account numbers

• Email addresses – only a truncated version should be used

• User names - only a truncated version should be used

• PIN numbers - only a truncated version should be used

All of this information should be excluded from pleadings. Further, if this information already exists in pleadings or inadvertently ends up in a court file, it is important to give appropriate notice is given to the Clerk of Court to keep such information confidential from public record.