Incident Reports in Slip and Fall Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident it is often important to have reported your accident to the owner of the premises. In many cases, this means reporting the accident to the restaurant, grocery store, shopping center, mall, or other place of business where the slip and fall occurred. This is usually done through some type of an incident report that will serve as a record of exactly where, when, and how the accident occurred, including the names of any witnesses, the name of the manager on duty, and other important factors and information. Even if you do not feel the fall was serious or that you were not hurt, it is essential to at least give some type of notice to the manager of what occurred because it may take a few days to start feeling pain from an accident.

The documentation of your accident with management and the creation of some type of record of the accident may prove to be the difference in your case. Insurance companies will often times look at whether an incident was reported and if the accident was not reported, they will use that against the injured person when discussing liability and damages. With today’s technology you can even create your own records by taking pictures with your cell phone and capturing witness and store contact information with your cell phone. Be sure to discuss with your Tampa personal injury attorney whether your accident was reported to store management.