What if my insurance company only authorizes minor repairs to my property after a sinkhole appears?

Many times insurance companies will agree to pay only for cosmetic or minor repairs even after they have confirmed that the cause of the damage is a sinkhole. Once the insurance company agrees that a sinkhole does exist and that the damage to your home is covered by the sinkhole provisions of your insurance policy, the home should be made safe again at the expense of the insurance company. That is why you have paid them your premiums since you bought your home.

The best sinkhole attorney in Tampa can help you get the expert evaluation of your damages and determine the best repair method to make your home safe again. Our aggressive sinkhole lawyers can show your insurance company how their plan for repair of your damages is inadequate and why your family's safety and your financial security require that more extensive repairs should be made.

Expert sinkhole lawyers do not charge you for their efforts. They make your insurance company pay for their efforts after you have been paid for all of your repairs. Contact one of the tenacious sinkhole attorneys at Robert Sparks Attorneys to help with your sinkhole damage.