What does a small, circular patch of wilting shrubbery or grass have to do with the presence of a sinkhole?

There are some simple ways to determine if you may have a sinkhole beneath your property. Some of the ways are obvious, such as the existence of an actual hole in your yard. The best sinkhole lawyer in Tampa will tell you that less obvious signs exist, such as a small, circular patch of wilting shrubbery or grass.

When a sinkhole exists beneath the surface of your property, sometimes a large crater will exist and other times it creates a minor recess of soil from the surface. With the minor recess, the vegetation on the surface can suffer from the fact that the soil beneath it has not only been loosened, but no longer is able to hold much moisture.

If you see even minor signs of a sinkhole on your property, contact an expert Tampa sinkhole lawyer who will work hard on your case at no charge to you.