Trip Logs and Personal Injury Cases

After a car accident or other injury, the injured person may have to make multiple visits to doctors and other health care providers. It is essential to get treatment for injuries and to understand the extent of the injuries when making a claim against an insurance company. One detail that may get overlooked in the aftermath of an accident is the amount of time and travel expenses it takes to get to the appointments relating to your injury.

An experienced Tampa personal injury attorney will advise a client to maintain a trip log, or journal to keep a record of all travel relating to your case. At the Robert Sparks Attorneys we will often provide a trip log sheet for our personal injury clients to help them keep track of their mileage and time spent traveling to appointments. The insurance company may be responsible for part, if not all of those travel expenses. Keeping a trip log is not something that should be taken lightly, the miles can add up and this can help maximize the recovery on your claim.