Deposition Rule #9 for Florida Divorce

In the tactics that expert divorce lawyers use during the course of a case, one is very simple.  That is to tell your client to make sure the client understands a question at a deposition before answering it.

Many people feel that they will be looked upon as unintelligent if they do not answer right away to every question posed at a deposition.  That is not true.  To the contrary, if you are asked a question that you are not clear about and you go ahead and answer it, your answer could hurt your case.

You are not required to answer a question that you do not understand.  If you hear one of those questions, just say that you don't understand it.  For example:  If the other lawyer asks you, "Was she there, also?" and you don't know which "she" is the subject of the question, just say that you don't understand the question.