What if I Refuse to Provide All Those Documents and Answer All Those Questions in My Florida Divorce?

In every Florida divorce, each spouse is required to provide tremendous amounts of paperwork such as bank account statement, copies of deeds, car titles, life insurance policies, information related to  child custody and more.  In addition, you are required to answer dozens of questions about financial and other matters.  What if you decide that you just won't do that?

Your expert St. Petersburg divorce lawyer will tell you that there are a number of steps that a judge is authorized to take in those situations.  The court can make a finding that you are in contempt of court and can punish you in a number of ways.  The family law judge can issue a monetary fine, make you pay the other lawyer's attorney's fees for taking you to court and, if it is serious enough, can order you to jail or strike your pleadings from the record and leave you defenseless.

Of course the striking of pleadings and sentencing to jail are rarely done and are restricted to willful and deliberate obstruction of the court process.  But even in the mildest instances of failure to comply with the court rules to provide information, you need to keep in mind that it will be the same judge that you are offending who will ultimately decide how your property gets divided.

Bottom line:  Do the best you can to provide the information required by Florida divorce rules.