What Happens at a Deposition?

Unless your case settles very quickly, there is a very good chance that the Tampa divorce lawyer on the other side of the case will schedule your deposition. A deposition is merely a session where you give a series of answers to questions asked by the opposing attorney. You and your expert Tampa divorce lawyer will go to the court reporter's office or some other mutually agreed upon office to answer questions in front of a court reporter.

You will be placed under oath by the court reporter. You can have the best divorce lawyer in Tampa present throughout the entire procedure. This will not take place in a courtroom and neither a judge nor a jury will be present.

The opposing attorney is interested in finding out many things about you and the facts of your case. Whatever you say will be transcribed by the court reporter and may be filed in your Florida divorce or paternity case. If appropriate, opposing counsel will be able to confront you with your prior deposition testimony at any subsequent hearing or trial.