Deposition Rule #4 for Florida Divorce

In many Florida divorces, there are strong negative emotional feelings about the actions of the opposing party or even the party's lawyer.  You should not let that show on the day of your deposition.

This leads to our Deposition Rule #4 for Florida Divorce: Conduct Yourself Calmly and Courteously.

One of the main objectives that the other lawyer has in taking your deposition is to see how you will act in court.  You should dress and act as if you are in a courtroom in the presence of a judge.  Do not be sarcastic, lose your temper or make jokes. 

From the time that you begin traveling to the deposition, you should conduct yourself calmly and with courtesy to all in your presence.  That includes the time spent conducting the deposition, during any breaks or when traveling to and from the session.  Even if the opposing party or opposing lawyer is rude to you, you should not react to it.  Your expert St. Petersburg divorce lawyer will not allow you to be abused in any way.  Your  divorce lawyer will defend you and you will not need to defend yourself.