Deposition Rule #2 for Florida Divorce

In our ongoing discussion about depositions, we are providing some pointers which will help you in the event that you will be place under oath and asked questions by the opposing attorney in your Florida divorce.

Rule #2 is: Tell us ahead of time if negative information will come out.

At a deposition, you should not guess as to whether a question that you are asked will help you or hurt you.  You should just answer the question.  Your expert St. Petersburg divorce lawyer will help you deal with it.  None of us has lived a perfect life.  You may be asked about something in your past that you would rather not talk about.

If you have skeletons in your closet that you think may be brought up at your deposition, tell your dissolution of marriage lawyer about it ahead of time.  Anything you say in discussion with your lawyer is confidential and your lawyer cannot repeat it.  Your lawyer needs to know the whole picture so that you can be properly represented.