Getting an Interest in Your Spouse's Non-marital Property in a Florida Divorce

Under normal circumstances, if your spouse owns property from before the marriage and does not place your name on the title or otherwise mix it in with your marital assets, that property will not be divided in a Florida divorce and you will not get any benefit of it.  But if either you or your spouse does something to increase the value of it during the marriage, you may benefit from that.

If you or your spouse spend money earned during the marriage to pay down the mortgage or remodel the kitchen in your spouse's non-marital home, for example, a portion of the value of the property becomes marital and you will receive some of that value EVEN IF THE PROPERTY IS STILL TITLED SOLELY IN YOUR SPOUSE'S NAME.

If your spouse owns property that is not in your name and you are heading for a divorce, you will want to ask your expert Tampa divorce lawyer to analyze the efforts and funds that have been expended during the marriage to determine if you should receive additional assets in your Florida divorce.