Deposition Rule #12 for Florida Divorce

In our ongoing effort to give you guidance in how to prepare for and conduct yourself at your deposition in a Florida divorce or Florida paternity case, we come to Rule #12: Don't Guess at the Answer to a Question.

The most common instance in which people guess at answers in their deposition is when they are asked about detailed information contained in a document, such as a bank statement.  If you don't remember the exact amount of a certain check that was written, for example, don't give an answer that you just think is correct.  Simply tell the questioning lawyer that you would have to look at the statement before you can give a precise answer.  If you know absolutely, however, that the amount is between certain amounts, your expert St. Petersburg divorce lawyer will tell you that it is not harmful for you to say, for instance, "I am certain that the check amount was between $100 and $200."