Cooperating with Providing Financial Information in your Florida Divorce or Paternity Case

We have discussed earlier the fact that every Florida divorce or Florida paternity case requires that certain information be provided in the "discovery" phase of the case.

The natural reaction of anyone when asked to provide financial documents and answers to financial questions is going to be an objection to that request.  While there are certain times when an objection to certain specific information is perfectly valid, most of the time it is in your best interest just to go ahead and produce the documents and answer the questions.  The reason for that is that Florida divorce and Florida paternity judges are fairly liberal about allowing discovery and you can spend a substantial amount of money on your expert Tampa divorce lawyer to argue with the other lawyer in court on these disputes.  Generally, it is far less expensive for you to provide the information and move on with your case than to argue over the relatively minor inconvenience of producing documents or answering questions.

Bottom line:  Unless there is a substantial reason for doing so, objections to providing discovery should be rarely made.