What Is "Discovery" In A Florida Divorce?

In the past, people involved in an aggressive Florida divorce would try to hide all of their financial information from the other spouse.  It took an expenditure of time and money to obtain an order from a judge requiring that person to divulge information as to the extent and location of assets and debts.

Thankfully, the court rules are more strict now and it is far more difficult for your spouse to hide assets.  You don't have to have the Florida family law attorney to get the power of the court behind you in searching for your spouse's assets.  In every divorce, a rule of procedure requires your spouse to disclose information as to all of the assets and debts before you even ask for it.  There is a strict timeline.  If your spouse doesn't comply, then the court will readily issue an order compelling disclosure followed by an order of contempt of court and will levy sanctions including making your spouse pay your attorney's fees or even sending your spouse to jail.

Bottom line:  Ask your expert Tampa family law attorney how to use the court rules to find out all about the assets and debts of your spouse.