What If My Spouse Has Wasted Our Money?

Fairly frequently in a divorce, a spouse wastes marital money.  Sometimes it comes in the form of gambling.  Sometimes it is money spent in an illicit affair.   Sometimes it is making just an unusually large expenditure which is beyond the normal lifestyle of the marriage.

In those situations, all is not lost.  Florida divorce law allows the court to look at money spent while the divorce is pending and also to look back two years to analyze whether someone has wasted marital money.  The phrase used in the statute is "the intentional dissipation, waste, depletion or destruction".

If the court determines that this has happened, the best Tampa family law attorney can ask the court to make things fair by giving your spouse that much less in the division of assets so that all of the waste falls on your spouse and not on you.

Bottom line:  If your spouse has reduced your net worth by dissipating assets, ask your expert Florida family law attorney how to use that situation to your advantage.