I Think My Spouse Is Going To Hide Our Money

If you think that your spouse is going to hide money in anticipation of a divorce, there are steps that you can take to prevent that.  Once you determine that this is even a possibility, you need to contact the best Tampa family law attorney and ask what can be done.

The appropriate step to take in this situation is to immediately file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and file with it an Ex Parte Motion for Temporary Injunction Against Dissipation of Assets.  The "Ex Parte" part means that you are not giving notice to the other side that the motion is even being filed.  After all, if you gave notice, your spouse may get the notice and hide the money before the court enters an order saying that it shouldn't be done.

The Florida divorce judge can then order that your spouse cannot dissipate the assets during the pendency of the divorce.  Then if your spouse hides the money, the judge can enter a contempt order and require jail time.  That's a big deterrent!

Bottom line:  If you suspect that your spouse may deplete or hide your assets, your expert Florida family law attorney can take steps to prevent that.