Bringing Your Child To Court In Your Child Custody Case

If you are considering bringing your child along when you go to court to argue over child custody or any other issue, think again.  The best Florida family law attorneys will tell you that court rules prohibit bringing a child to the courthouse for a divorce or paternity case. 

The reason is simple.  Mental health professionals have determined that it is harmful to the child to be involved in the decision making as to child custody.  No child wishes to have to choose between one parent or another.

The proper way to determine the child's best interest is to engage the services of a mental health professional to conduct a child custody evaluation.  That would include the mental health professional speaking with the child to ask questions about the child's existence, but would not include asking the child which parent would be preferable.

Bottom line:  Speak with your expert Tampa family law attorney to weigh the options available to you in fighting for child custody.