If You Think Your Child Will Be Abducted Or Harmed By The Other Parent

When you have good reason to feel that the other parent of your child will disobey the timesharing order of the court and will cause serious physical harm to your child or remove the child from the state, there are emergency actions that you can take.  Immediately consult your expert St. Petersburg divorce lawyer who will advise you of the procedure to follow.

Normally, the Florida child custody courts run very slowly.  In these situations, though, the law requires the immediate issuance of a warrant to take remove physical custody of the child from the offending parent.  In addition, the law requires the judge to hold a hearing on the issue the very next day after the warrant is issued.  Now that's swift justice!

If you are faced with such a frightening and crucial situation, contact your Florida Bar Board Certified Marital and Family Lawyer immediately.