Do I Have To Pay To Fly In Out Of State Witnesses For My Family Law Trial?

Airplane fares and hotel lodging expenses are increasing all the time. If you have a family law case involving witnesses located out of state, you may be concerned about whether you will be able to afford to present them to the judge at trial. There is a provision in the Florida family law statutes that can save you substantial amounts of money.

Instead of flying an out-of-state witness in and housing the witness at a hotel, the law allows you to present by written or videotape deposition the testimony of any witness who resides more than 200 miles from your courthouse. In one of my cases, I presented to the Florida court in a hotly contested child custody case the videotaped depositions of 28 witnesses from the state of Wisconsin. It would have been prohibitively expensive to fly all of those people to Florida and house them at a hotel during the trial.

Bottom line: If the people who can provide supporting testimony for your case live far away, don't despair. Your expert St. Petersburg divorce lawyer can get their evidence in front of the judge without emptying your bank account.