Can I Get More Alimony After My Divorce is Entered?

Alimony in the state of Florida can be a very complex issue.  Factors to be considered with your expert St. Petersburg family law attorney not only range from the amount and duration of the alimony award but what can happen to the alimony in the future.  The Florida family law statutes have recently been changed by the legislature to address certain forms of  alimony which can impact the conditions of an alimony payment.

In general, Florida statutes provide that alimony is modifiable in nature.  Florida family law provides that the amount of alimony can be modified based on a substantial change of a former spouse's financial condition.  Under this concept an alimony award can be either increased or decreased based on the substantial change.  Once you have established that you have met the substantial change element, your Board Certified Marital and Family Law attorney will then help the court analyze the respective needs and abilities of both you and your former spouse in order to address whether a change is warranted.

 Thus in theory one former spouse may actually seek an increase in alimony after a divorce decree or final judgment has been entered.  It is important to note and to be informed that there are several obstacles which may limit your ability to seek an increase in alimony.  These limitations can be found in the terms and conditions in the Marital Settlement Agreement, limitations based on the type of alimony being received, as well as limitations based on current living conditions.

Because there are several issues that may impact the future of an alimony claim it is strongly recommend that you speak with an experienced family law attorney to ensure you have a strong understanding of the alimony laws and in order to protect your best interests in the future.