Your Claim and Facebook

When you are injured as a result of a car accident and your claim is filed with the insurance company, your online profiles will most likely be researched by the insurance company. It is becoming more and more common for insurance companies and their lawyers to begin defending claims by using the internet to look up information on claimants. The boom of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other similar social networking sites has not gone unnoticed by the insurance companies and they see it as a way to get background and other information on injured persons.

Insurance defense attorneys are also demanding this kind of information in litigation through the discovery process and Judges are requiring plaintiffs to produce it. For example, they are looking for information about the plaintiff's employment so they can analyze claims for lost income and lost wages. They are also hoping to view photographs and online profiles of claimants to look for inconsistencies in injuries, dates of treatment, personal schedules, and claimed insurance benefits.

It is highly recommended if you are involved in an auto accident claim with injuries that you carefully review what information is posted on your online profile. You probably do not want to post anything about your case, including the facts of the accident and your injury. You also want to be cautious of what photos and other statements are made available to the internet. If you have any questions regarding how your online profile may affect your claim, your Tampa personal injury attorney at Robert Sparks Attorneys can discuss some of the insurance defense strategies in this area with you.