Recorded Statement

Many insurance policies will contain a provision requiring the insured to cooperate with production of certain information and to assist them in their claims process. A lot of times, this will require giving a recorded statement to the insurance company about your sinkhole. To the insurance company a recorded statement is important because they are able to gather initial information regarding the claim that may dictate how they proceed with handling your claim.

During a recorded statement with your insurance company about your sinkhole claim they will probably ask questions about any of the following:

-when and why you filed your claim

-the damage to your home and when you noticed it

-the purchase of your home and your mortgage

-repairs, modifications, or renovations that have been done on the home

-whether your neighbors are experiencing sinkhole damages

-how you came to suspect your property may have a sinkhole and who you may have contacted

-prior claims and prior how owner insurance carriers you may have used in the past

-materials used in the construction of your home

-water supply

It is important to be as accurate as you can during your recorded statement. You may want to familiarize yourself some of the above information before you give a recorded statement to an adjuster so that you can answer the questions to the best of your ability. You should also speak with your sinkhole attorney before giving a recorded statement so they are able to walk you through what to expect.