Liability Coverage

When you purchase liability coverage for your vehicle, that coverage will usually pay damages that you become legally obligated for because of property damage or personal injury to others caused by a car accident resulting from the ownership, maintenance, or use of your vehicle. For each claim filed under this coverage there must be a connection between the injury or damages and whether they arose out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of the vehicle. There have been many factual scenarios that the Courts have found the damages or injuries did arise from the ownership, use, and ownership of the vehicle and other cases where the Courts begin to draw the line.

For example, auto liability insurance has been found to apply when a passenger was injured from an exploding beer bottle that had been in the trunk of the car for weeks because it arose from use of the truck. It has also been extended to a case where the passenger was bitten by the insured's dog because the injury occurred when they were transporting the dog in the car. This type of insurance has also been extended in a case where claimant was injured in the eye when doing maintenance on the insured's vehicle and the hinge holding up the hood broke.

There is a limit to when auto liability insurance will apply. Auto liability coverage did not apply when a man died from a gunshot wound after a pistol accidently discharged while he was removing it from the vehicle. Also, coverage has not applied when a man was injured in a physical altercation with the other driver after the accident because the vehicle did not have some active role in that physical assault.

It is important to contact a Florida personal injury attorney if you have been injured from the use, maintenance, or ownership of a vehicle. Even if your injuries did not come from an actual car accident, you may still be able to recover for your injuries and damages.