Deposition Rule #8 for Florida Divorce

In our effort to educate our clients and the public in general about how to handle themselves in a family law deposition, we come to another simple but very important rule: Listen to the Question.

Many people have great difficulty with this simple rule.  Many of us just naturally begin forming an answer to a question as it is being asked by the Florida divorce lawyer.  Some people in Florida divorces even concentrate so hard on formulating an answer that they don't listen to the end of the question.  Sometimes that causes the witness to give a wrong answer and it can hurt the case.

There is no requirement that you answer the questions quickly.  Take your time.  Listen to the full question asked by the Tampa divorce lawyer before formulating an answer.  Then take your time giving the answer.

If you start to speak an answer while the opposing expert St. Petersburg divorce lawyer is asking the question, it is clear that you are not following this rule.